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The human race, one of the oldest species to have existed on this planet, is known for its phenomenal evolution. In this journey of evolution, we have overcome innumerable challenges including diseases in our fight for survival. This spirit of survival gave birth to a process called science.
Ever since humans started understanding science, they have used it to fathom the mysteries of the human anatomy and its fascinating engineering. This knowledge helped us realize why humans are resistant to some diseases while being vulnerable to others. In the pursuit of solutions for these raging problems, mankind has always pushed the envelope in development of new medicines, novel methods of treatments and innovative delivery systems. We have achieved a lot, but there’s much more yet to be done.
We at Radiant Pharma are proud to be part of this quest for humankind. We aim to contribute toward the advancement of the society with our services in affordable healthcare for a better tomorrow.


About Us


Pharmaceutical companies have taken centre stage in today’s time. Radiant pharma is not only at the forefront of innovation but also one of the game changers.
Working in close collaboration with its associated manufacturing concerns, having their state of the art research and manufacturing facilities, Radiant Pharma today commands a leadership role in following areas
 Research & Development
 Contract Manufacturing
 Identification, Isolation and Crystallization of new & complex molecules
 Marketing and Distribution
Radiant Pharma was estb in 2008 by Mr Apurva Sheth with a sole aim in offering niche molecules from various therapeutic categories for both domestic & international markets. Mr Sheth has 20 yrs of hands on experience in pharma industry



Transformation is the key to success. We at Radiant Pharma strive to transform ourselves in these dynamic times by providing highest quality healthcare products for everyone at an affordable price.


Developing new and complex molecules in drug discovery and making them readily available in the market to help critical patients. To identify and introduce a product impactfully and successfully.


Local roots, global footprint and driven by ethics – our defining values. We aim to develop new profit centres for the company thereby creating a value addition in its growth and development.


Quality Assurance

With a well-equipped facility and dedicated manufacturing blocks, Radiant Pharma’s protocol ensures a superior quality end-product for its discerning customers. When it comes to quality, compromise is never an option.

Complete support

Radiant Pharma provides complete techno-commercial support for all its offered products. Our well-qualified team ensures full and transparent support, be it development or commercialization processes. We also believe in having clear and data-backed answers to all our customers’ queries.

Adherence to Guidelines

Our manufacturing processes strictly adhere to the guidelines laid down by The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH), on a country to country basis.


Anti AcneAnti HistamineAlzheimerImmunomodulator
Anti ArrhythmicAnti HypertensiveAnalgesicImmunosuppressant
Anti AnginalAnti HyperlipidemicAquareticInsomnia
Anti AsthmaticAnti HyperparathyroidismAtopic Dermatitis (Eczema)Iron-Chelating Agent
Anti BacterialAnti InflammatoryConstipationIron Deficiency /Anemia
Anti BioticAnti MigraineContraceptionLipid Modifying Agent
Anti CancerAnti ObesityCOPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)Neuro Muscular Blocking
Anti CoagulantAnti ParasiticCystic FibrosisNSAID (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug)
Anti ConvulsantAnti ParkinsonDiabetic NeuropathyOsteoporosis
Anti DepressantAnti Platelet (Platelet Aggregation Inhibitor)DiureticOveractive Bladder
Anti DiabeticAnti PsychoticDry Eye SyndromePotassium Competitive Acid Blocker
Anti EmeticAnti RetroviralErectile DysfunctionPulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Anti EpilepticAnti RheumaticFemale Hypoactive Sexual Desire DisorderPulmonary Fibrosis
Anti FungalAnti ThromboticGastroprokineticsThrombocytopenia
Anti GoutAnti UlcerGaucher Disease
Anti GlaucomaAnti ViralHaematinic
Anti GonadotrophinADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)Hepato-Biliary


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)
Form - new
Finished Formulations – Injectables
Finished Formulations – Non-Injectables
Semi Formulations
– Granules
Semi Formulations – Pellets


 Radiant pharma continues to develop and promote new drugs in fight against covid

 Latest introduction being multivitamin tablet formulated with key vitamins, essential minerals together with powerful antioxidants and other important ingredients to offer complete nutrition throughout the year to the consumer

 Tab13z  – for overall well being of everyone


When the Covid-19 epidemic hit the world in 2019 making immunity build up a war cry, Radiant Pharma took the lead to enhance people’s immunity by developing a vitamin C supplement under the brand name – Orancee.
Year 2020 saw us expand our presence in the domestic market by launching products under our own brand name.
We also developed drugs based on monoclonal antibodies.
We have already developed proven technology for traditional vaccines and are currently exploring and developing novel antibody systems for new vaccines that will truly be scientific breakthroughs.
We are targeting indications for diabetes, oncology, obesity and heart diseases that have become the bane of modern society.

Business Model

Imports and exports

Contract manufacturing

Marketing and distribution to both private brands and institutions

Contract research, development and manufacturing

In-licensing and out-licensing

Joint product development and scaling of new & complex molecules

Acquisitions and sales of pharma units

Liaisoning services related to pharma industry


Our practise

our practise copy

Our partners and customers get better advantages in terms of products and business prospects, because…

We understand market sentiments, so we are price competitive

We make available the Drug Master File (DMF) and Dossiers for every product thereby maintaining transparency in transcation

Our products are manufactured at internationally accredited facilities thereby assuring superior quality

We offer clinical trials, bio-equivalence and analytical services

We are committed to research, development and commercialisation of new molecules in advanced therapeutic categories

Our Reach

In India

Our network is spread far and wide across the country as we are a well-known brand in the domestic circles with high recall value and trust.

In international markets

We are unstintingly serving our clients across non regulated markets in South America, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and the Far East.

Our future focus includes regulated markets in the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Our reach

Contact Us


46 Forjet Street, 1st Floor, Pulkit Building, Opp SBI Bank, Gowalia Tank Road, Grant Road (West) Mumbai-400036, India